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United States

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Greater Atlanta USA Dance Party
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  • ATLANTA DANCE, located at 2211 Roswell Road, Marietta GA 30062
  • 7:30 - 8:30PM dance lesson
  • 8:30 - 11PM social dancing
  • Music provided by DJ Cindy Johnson

Our July dance was a LOT of fun and we truly thank Melbin De La Cruz for sharing his time and talents. The lesson was a creative Salsa and everyone enjoyed. Everyone looked great in their Hawaiian beach attire and shared an evening of fun and a LOT of dancing.

Thank you to all who attend our dances regularly and to our professionals who give expert instruction and their time each month. We all enjoy improving our dance skills so join us each month for fun and felowship on the dance floor.

To view recorded lessons and exhibitions from previous Second-Saturday-of-the-Month Dance Parties, please click on VIDEOS in the list at the top of the right-hand margin of this page.

Our August, Second-Saturday-of-the-Month Dance, Party is scheduled for August 11, 2018. We welcome Tatyana Heath as our Guest Dance Instructor! She will be teaching Tango.

Enjoy the music with DJ Cindy Johnson.

Finally, enormous thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers who help make our dances so enjoyable for all attending. We have help setting up, at the front desk and cleanup. Your help makes our dances a pleasure for all. Also we thank our dance hosts who work so hard each month to ensure all enjoy an evening of dancing on the floor.

Regards in dance,

Darry Martin

President, Greater Atlanta Chapter of USA Dance Inc

What is USA Dance?

USA Dance is a national, non-profit, charitable, educational organization, which is dedicated to the promotion of amateur ballroom dancing for social dancers, competitors, and the general public.

Our local Greater Atlanta Chapter coordinates ballroom dance information and promotes dance education as well as dance activities in the Atlanta area. The primary social activity provided by this chapter is a monthly dance party that includes a one-hour instruction of a ballroom dance, two and a half hours of dancing to ballroom music played by a deejay, hors d'oeuvres, and door prizes. Four of these dance parties have a seasonal theme and all of them offer a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Follow us on Facebook for more news, pictures and videos. Also, you can find us on Twitter. Click these links for instant access.

Our Dances

The Greater Atlanta USA Dance Chapters' dance is held on the "second Saturday" of each month. Our dances are dressy casual (no jeans, tank tops, sneakers) and meant as a place for you to socialize and practice your dance steps. All dances are open to singles as well as couples. Dancers of all dance levels are welcome from beginner to advanced as we strive to offer a friendly atmosphere for all and to make you feel welcomed. Our talented DJ plays a variety of music focusing on ballroom and latin, but with ample West Coast Swing, Nightclub Two, and even an occasional Polka or Texas Two Step. We are here to have fun and enjoy a wide varity of dances. A one hour group lesson is offered prior to the dance each month at no additional charge.

Come and join us! Guests ALWAYS welcome.

MEMBERSHIP: Social Dancer $35 per year. Click this benefits link and take advantage of discounts negotiated by USA Dance from insurance of all kinds and travel benefits, even to office supplies. In addition you will be receiving the American Dancer magazine, which is the official magazine for USA DAnce in the USA.